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Related FAQs

Can you assist with countertop selection that complements my cabinet color?

Absolutely, our experts guide you in selecting countertops that harmonize with your cabinets.

What's the average lifespan of the countertops you provide?

Our high-quality countertops are designed to last for decades with proper care.

Care & Maintenance
Do you polish marble countertops?

Yes, we specialize in polishing marble countertops. Our process includes cleaning the marble with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner to avoid etching, followed by applying a marble-specific polish. We carefully buff it with a soft cloth in circular motions, ensuring gentle handling to avoid scratches and etches.

We also recommend and can apply sealant to protect against future stains and etches.

With Surprise Granite, you can be confident in our trained team and the precise techniques we use, ensuring a flawless finish for your marble countertops.

Materials & Samples
Are your countertops resistant to heat and stains?

Yes, our countertops are crafted from durable materials that are heat-resistant and stain-resistant, ensuring longevity and easy upkeep.

Care & Maintenance
Do you polish granite countertops?

Yes, we do polish granite countertops. Our process involves cleaning the surface thoroughly, using a specialized granite polish, and gently buffing it with a soft cloth. This process is delicate and requires a specific approach to avoid damage.

At Surprise Granite, our skilled team employs advanced techniques to expertly polish and protect your granite countertops, ensuring a lasting shine. Rest assured, we handle each step with precision and care.

Installation Services
How long does the countertop installation process usually take?

Our streamlined installation process ensures timely completion, with the exact timeframe varying based on the scope of the project.