Beautiful kitchen remodel with custom kitchen cabinetry
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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Our professional cabinet installers can demount your old cabinets and replace them with your own custom cabinetry.

Beautiful kitchen remodel with custom kitchen cabinetry

What are custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Custom kitchen cabinets are made to fit your home's needs. They can be used in any room of the house, from dining and living spaces all throughout their length or breadth - but they're especially popular for kitchens where you want that modern look with lots of storage space!

RTI Cabinets vs Custom Cabinets

The level of craftsmanship and personalization found in custom kitchen cabinets is indeed the best, but they can cost tens of thousands to make. This price tag makes most homeowners think twice before making such an investment for their home's cooking needs - which may be why many people end up buying pre-built READY TO INSTALL cabinets instead!

What’s included in a custom cabinet installation?

In a custom cabinet installation, we typically install:

  1. All necessary hardware for your residential or commercial needs
  2. Up-to date high quality PA Series Sofa doors with superior craftsmanship and features like soft closing mechanisms (which means they won't make noise when you close them)
  3. Fine tuned leveling to keep cabinets stable on uneven footing - no matter what type of surface it may be situated upon!
  4. Cushioned drawer sides

Do you offer cabinet de-mounting?

Talk about why surprise granite should do it. De-mounting and taking apart your kitchen cabinets and replacing them with new ones is a messy, time-consuming process that requires expertise and patience. Our De-construction professionals take care to label everything they pull off for easier identification later on. We take pride in the fact that our professionals never leave a mess behind when they're done working. 

Do you offer Custom Cabinet Assembly?

Our cabinet assembly service provides a one-stop solution for all of your kitchen needs. We offer custom designed kitchens, as well as full installation and design services that can be tailored to meet any specific requirements you may have!

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