Why quartz countertops should be a part of your kitchen renovation

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April 9, 2021
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Luxury home kitchen with modern hanging lightbulbs above quartz countertop.
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Make your kitchen one of a kind with quartz countertops. From the high-class look to the sturdy surface, find out why you need quartz in your kitchen here.

Did you know that quartz is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops? What's more, it's not going away anytime soon, with predications stating that quartz countertops are primed to be one of the hottest trends of 2021.

There's a reason quartz is so popular as a countertop material. A few reasons, in fact!

If you are planning a kitchen redesign, countertop material choice is key. You want something unique and attractive, but also a material that will stand the test of time. Both in terms of durability and design.

Hint: Quartz countertops can tick all these boxes.

Stuck on the fence about what to use for your new countertops? If so, it's essential that you know about the benefits of quartz before you make a decision.

Keep reading to find out why you need quartz kitchen countertops in your life.

Quartz Comes in Countless Colors and Designs

One of the many benefits of quartz is it comes in numerous colors and designs. From marble look-alike designs to faux granite, and other imitations—to bright colors, metallic chips, and more, there is something for everyone when it comes to quartz countertops.

Although white countertops dominate in popularity, with homeowners choosing them in 27% of remodels quartz also gives you the chance to flex your creative muscle and choose an unusual color/design. Whether that be hot pink counters or faux soapstone, the choices are endless.

Quartz Countertops Are Maintenance Free

Besides opening up a plethora of design choices, quartz countertops also have the unique advantage of being almost maintenance-free.

Natural stone options unfortunately need regular sealing. Their porous nature means that if you don't seal them, they will start to develop stains and marks from everyday use.

Most suppliers recommend annual sealing. However, if you use your kitchen frequently, then you might want to increase this to twice a year. Also, lighter stone such as white marble tends to be more porous, making it more vulnerable to stains.

Sealing natural stone countertops made from materials like marble and granite isn't a big job. However, it is another task that you will have to put on your to-do list.

What's more, if you put off your counter sealing, or forget about it, you could start to see some unsightly staining.

If you choose quartz countertops, you won't need to ever worry about sealing or staining. Quartz kitchen countertops are impregnable against stains and come with a durable, scratch-resistant finish that can last a lifetime.

They Are Also Highly Durable

Another of the many benefits of quartz countertops is they are highly durable. As we just said, the finish on quartz counters is superbly long-lasting.

Because they don't develop stains, quartz kitchen countertops also don't need to be replaced for aesthetic reasons.

Additionally, quartz countertops are also more resistant to cracks than natural stone. Although extreme temperature fluctuations can trigger cracking, this is only likely to happen if you place a very hot pot down on a cold counter. This is easily avoided by simply putting down a couple of trivets.

What's more, natural stone is far more vulnerable to cracking through the placement of hot pots.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Are More Affordable

On average, quartz countertops cost somewhere between $50-$120 per square foot. While quartz isn't the cheapest option for kitchen countertops, it definitely offers great value for money.

Depending on the type of quartz you choose, it can be almost half the price than that of a more expensive material such as marble.

Besides the cost price, quartz kitchen countertops are also cheaper to maintain. While natural stone options require ongoing sealing, quartz countertops don't need this. All you'll need to spend on maintaining them is the cost of soap and water for cleaning!

This means that you can design the perfect kitchen with quartz, even if you are budget conscious.

Quartz Countertops Harbor Fewer Germs

Quartz countertops are manufactured by combining stone chips and powder with resins to create slabs. Because of this, the structure of engineered quartz counters is far less porous than natural stone.

Not only does this make quartz countertops impermeable against stains, but it also means they harbor fewer germs. Quartz kitchen countertops have shiny, polished surfaces. Because of this, there are very few places for germs to hide.

Natural stone options on the other hand are more porous and irregular. This creates microscopic spaces for germs to take up residence.

They Are Also Eco-Friendly

Did you know that engineered quartz is also an eco-friendly option? Engineered quartz is largely made from reclaimed by-products from stone quarrying processes. This means that no new stone is quarried for engineered quartz.

Stone countertop materials like marble and granite are finite materials. Engineered quartz effectively re-purposes quarrying waste to create a lower footprint option.

Many of the resins in engineered quartz are salvaged from the manufacturing of other stone as well. Altogether, these factors make quartz countertop replacement an environmentally conscious choice.

Ready to Rock Some Stunning Quartz Countertops in Your Kitchen Redesign?

Redoing your countertop is one of the most impactful ways to update your kitchen—and quartz countertops offer a host of advantages. Not only are they long-lasting, durable, maintenance-free, and cost-effective, they also come in a vast range of colors and designs.

Ready to get the ball rolling on your kitchen redesign? Not sure what other finishes and materials to choose? Head on over to our kitchen design studio , where you can utilize our kitchen visualizer tool.

Lastly, if you need a team of experts to handle your quartz countertop replacement, call us. We offer a range of home service options, and specialize in partnering with homeowners to help them execute their dream projects.

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