What are the different types of backsplash options for your kitchen

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May 5, 2021
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Various stone color samples for kitchen countertops, granite, marble and quartz in different colors. Brown, gray, dark , white and black.
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Did you know that remodeling your kitchen can actually be profitable? It's true! Kitchen remodels are the second most popular and most lucrative home improvement project.

And one of the simplest ways to transform the look and feel of your kitchen is to add some backsplash.

With so many options, how do you know which to choose? Keep reading to learn more about the different types of backsplash that can actually help your wallet.


Ceramic tile is one of the most popular types of backsplash . This material type is so popular because of its versatility. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that are easy for matching kitchen colors.

Ceramic tile can be installed in many different patterns. Ceramic tile is made by firing and glazing wet clay. Pricing is highly variable and depends on a number of factors.

Glossy glazed ceramic tile is the least expensive and is usually cut by machines. On the other hand, handmade inlaid tiles are more pricey. Some of the other types of ceramic tile include mosaic, metallic, crackle-glazed, matte glazed, large format, and hand-painted.

As you can see, ceramic tile for kitchen backsplash is highly customizable and can be affordable. It's relatively easy to clean and replace but it can stain and crack over time. You'll also need to keep extra tiles around for repairs.


Stone tiles are also commonly used for kitchen backsplash. Stone backsplash offers many of the same benefits as ceramic tile with some added durability.

The most popular type of stone for kitchen backsplash is granite. The second most popular is slate. Other options include marble, quartz, soapstone, and travertine.

Stone is a popular choice because it can be used inside and outside and comes in a variety of colors. You can also choose between natural stone and engineered stone. Engineered stone like quartz has become very popular in recent years because it is nonporous.

Marble has been considered a luxurious choice and has been popular for many years because of its unique look.

Stone backsplash is an excellent investment because it is so durable. If you are looking to make upgrades that will add value to your home, look no further than adding some stone backsplash. This easy and affordable upgrade will increase your home's resale value.


Glass tile is another option for kitchen backsplash, though it's not the most popular. Glass tile backsplash will give your kitchen a unique look. It comes in an almost endless variety of designs, shades, and shapes. Glass tile can also feature a variety of reflective finishes. These include matte, frosted, glossy, and iridescent.

While these tiles are easy to clean, they aren't easy to repair. In fact, glass tiles can't be repaired and must be replaced entirely. As you can imagine, it can be difficult to find matching tiles for replacement if one is damaged.

Because glass tiles are so heavy, you may need to reinforce your walls before installing them. Finally, glass tiles can reflect sound, which can be inconvenient. 


Porcelain tile is a durable option for kitchen backsplash, but it lacks the aesthetic appeal of some of your other options.

Porcelain tiles are made by firing compressed clay dust to high temperatures. It's usually not glazed like ceramic tile. It's not very customizable when it comes to size, shape, color, and pattern.

While it comes in fewer varieties, it can be made to look like a more expensive option without the cost. Porcelain is more expensive than ceramic.


No article about kitchen backsplash trends would be complete without mentioning the currently popular peel-and-stick option.

While this easy-to-apply backsplash is a great temporary option, it won't last. If you are looking to make serious upgrades to your home, don't settle for peel-and-stick backsplash.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a durable option that is easy to clean. However, it's not the most aesthetically pleasing option out there.

Stainless steel backsplash isn't ideal for heavily used kitchens because it's easily dented and scratched and has a tendency to show imperfections, fingerprints, food, and grease. It can also be hard to install around windows and outlets.


While wood might not be the first look that comes to mind when you think of kitchen backsplash, it is an option worth mentioning. Wood can be inexpensive but it has to be laminated because it isn't naturally waterproof. If the wood isn't laminated, you'll need to use a special sealant.

It is possible to paint and stain wood backsplash to make it look any way you want, but you'll need to maintain it over time to keep this look. Wood is especially prone to water damage and it can actually be dangerous because it is combustible .


Thermoplastic is a durable type of backsplash that can give the look of more expensive material.

It's easy to clean and comes in a variety of aesthetic options. The downside is that like stainless steel, it can be challenging to install around windows and outlets. It also has a tendency to show fingerprints, food, and grease.

While it is durable on its own, if dented or scratched it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Exploring Types of Backsplash for Your Kitchen

If you're looking for an easy way to transform the look of one of the busiest places in your home, consider adding some kitchen backsplash. There are many types of backsplash and which type is right for you depends on your kitchen and your budget. Contact one of our specialists today and schedule a free estimate for your kitchen remodel.

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