Remodeling Your Bathroom? 7 Tips for Designing the Perfect Bathroom

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April 20, 2022
5 min read
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According to statistics, the average person spends more than two years in the bathroom over the course of their life.

If you have an old, outdated bathroom, remodeling could turn the space from something you want to get out of as quickly as possible—into a spa-like zone.

1. Get Clear on Your Design Style

Before you start hashing out bathroom renovation ideas, it's important that you get clear on your overall design style. What is the style of your home?

Is it mid-century modern? Traditional? Transitional?

This will influence what backsplash and countertop materials to use, as well as what sink, cabinetry, tub surround, etc. 

If you have never given much thought to your interior design style, it might be a good idea to do some digging and figure out where your tastes lie before you start hashing out ideas for your bathroom makeover.

Once you've isolated what style you're aiming for, you can then get to work figuring out what finishes and bathroom design trends might be a good fit.

2. Think Carefully Before Changing the Layout

If you're wondering how to remodel your bathroom on a budget, while still achieving your dream design, steer clear of any layout changes. 

If you can leave the general layout as-is, this can cut down your remodeling costs substantially. Every time you have to move plumbing elements, this will drive up the cost of your project. If you can leave these elements where they are, you'll be left with more budget to dedicate to things like luxe countertop materials or high-end cabinetry.

Overall, these elements usually have a bigger impact on your bathroom than switching the layout.

For example, if you have outdated cabinetry, replacing this and pairing it with the right countertop and backsplash could level up your bathroom more than making costly changes to things like shower placement.

3. Invest in Your Countertop and Backsplash

One of our top design tips for a bathroom is to make an investment in your countertop and backsplash. In most bathrooms, the countertop and backsplash are the focal points of the space. 

Therefore, this is one of the areas where you might want to splurge on things like natural granite or a nice quartz.

Even if you have to opt for a budget-friendly tile in the shower, having a stunning vanity counter and backsplash will elevate your bathroom's design. It will be the first thing you and other people see, and the money you save on the shower area will offset any extra cost involved in choosing more luxurious vanity finishes.

Another reason to splurge on your vanity backsplash and countertop is that this is the area where the most "decorating" usually happens in the bathroom. The vanity is a perfect place to house things like decorative soap dispensers, florals, small baskets and trays.

Having a luxurious counter and backsplash gives you the perfect backdrop against which to display your bathroom décor.

4. Give Thought to Your Basin Design

One of the most important design tips for the bathroom is to think carefully about what kind of bathroom basins you like.

Bathroom basins are one of the elements that can sway the overall design of your bathroom. For instance, if you have a builder-grade sink, it's going to influence the look and feel of your whole bathroom.

One of the reasons for this is that sinks are part of the vanity area, which, as we said above, is an automatic focal point in most bathrooms.

If you're not sure what style sink to choose for your bathroom, two contemporary options to think about are under-counter mounted sinks and vessel sinks.

Under-counter sinks offer a sleek, streamlined look, allowing the countertop material to shine. Therefore, always make sure you're pairing an under-mount sink with an attractive countertop, either in natural stone or quartz.

Vessel sinks have been popular for a number of years, and continue to dominate bathroom trends. They make for an attractive feature and add a sense of luxury to the bathroom.

Although vessel vanity sinks aren't as easy-cleaning as under-mount sinks, they are still easier to wipe clean than flush-mounted sinks with protruding rims.

5. Revamp Your Vanity

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to transform your bathroom is by revamping your vanity cabinetry. Vanity styles come and go, and if your bathroom vanity is more than a decade old, it's sure to look out of place.

What's more, thanks to moisture exposure, bathroom vanities can start to look shabby fast. If you're seeing discolored areas of finish, swelling, or nicks and chips—it's probably time for an upgrade.

If you replace your vanity cabinetry and counter at the same time, this also gives you the option to adjust the dimension of your vanity. Have you always wished your vanity was a little longer, wider, or farther from the toilet? Now is the time to change this if you're replacing the unit.

If you hire a company like Surprise Granite that specializes in custom cabinetry installations, all you have to do is supply the new measurements and we will be able to switch out your existing vanity for a more modern version that's the exact dimensions you want.

6. Don't Skimp on Vanity Hardware

Another pivotal place to spend a little extra budget when remodeling your bathroom is vanity hardware.

Cabinet and vanity hardware plays the same role as jewelry in an outfit. It draws the eye and highlights the vanity and countertop design.

Therefore, pick your hardware with care and make sure it is high-quality and matches the overall style of your bathroom.

7. Use This Small Bathroom Remodel Hack

Speaking of vanities, are you tackling a small bathroom remodel? If so, one of the best bathroom renovation ideas to consider is floating your vanity.

Installing a floating vanity will open up the floor area, add visual space, and give the impression that your bathroom is larger than it is.

Even if you're working with a mid-sized bathroom, you can still use this tip to make it feel even larger.

Need Help Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Now that you know some of the most important tips and steps involved in how to remodel a bathroom, it's time to start planning your bathroom renovation. 

Browsing through bathroom renovation ideas can be a lot of fun, but if you don't have the right contractor on your side, things can get stressful once remodeling starts.

Are you looking for a company that will make remodeling your bathroom a dream process? Surprise Granite is Arizona's fastest-growing countertop company. We also supply and install sinks, cabinetry, and more.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your bathroom remodel.

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