Kitchen Trends 2022: How to remodel your kitchen in style

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March 26, 2022
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Did you know that homeowners are expected to spend $400 billion on home improvements and repairs by the end of 2022?

Read on to learn about a few of the most popular kitchen trends for 2022.

Seamless Backsplash and Countertop

If you're looking for a clean and cohesive look, a seamless backsplash and countertop is a great place to start.

With other countertop materials, like tile, matching up the counter and the backsplash can be a challenge. Tile can be a hassle to clean if your grout lines get dirty and you don't have the chance to clean them immediately.

With natural stone, like granite and marble, this isn't the case. Not only is it easy to match your countertop seamlessly to your backsplash, but it's also easier to keep the materials clean this way. With no grout lines or discoloration to worry about, you can rest easy knowing your kitchen is up to the task of making  any meal or holding any gathering.

Colorful Cabinets

If you've ever wanted to go for bold colors in your kitchen, now is the time to do it. Don't worry, white kitchens aren't going out of style. But going for deep reds or earthy greens or yellows in your kitchen is no longer something to fear.

Everything from two-tone cabinets to custom paint colors is a great way to apply this trend to your kitchen. It's the perfect way to attract attention without taking away from the rest of your design.

If you don't want to commit too deeply to colors, though, you can always go for neutral tones and then decorate with brighter hues. Not only can you change things around whenever you want, but you can get creative with the decorations you incorporate and even switch things around on a seasonal basis. 

Custom Appliances

If you  do want to commit to a certain color, though, custom appliances are great a place to start. If you're already waiting a long time for your new appliances to arrive, why not take the extra time to customize them to fit what you want?

Smart appliances are one way you can do this. They're great for pre-heating the oven on your drive home or even setting up text reminders that let you know when you're running low on milk or other groceries.

You can also opt for custom designs. White appliances with gold fixtures are a popular choice for 2022, and you can also opt to have your appliance matched to your cabinets so they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

Retro Designs

A lot of people are turning towards bright, vibrant designs and colors that were found in kitchens throughout the 1950s. Custom options were becoming more widely available at this time, and homeowners were choosing to take advantage of the new options that were available to them.

Open-concept designs, unique fixtures, one-of-a-kind pendant lights, and even a colorful breakfast nook are all great additions to think about for your kitchen.

While we know laminate was all the rage in that decade, custom countertops are all the rage in 2022. Whether it's dark granite against mint blue cabinets or white marble against light wooden cabinets, you can take advantage of the fun from the 1950s while staying up-to-date with today's trends.

Workstation and Farmhouse Sinks

You might not think your  sink can bring character into your kitchen, but you'd be wrong. A workstation often features sliding pieces or inserts, like colanders, drying racks, cutting boards, even shelves for sponges and other things.

They're extra long and extra deep, and they're great for getting through dinner while containing the mess to your sink.

Farmhouse sinks are also big, but they're not usually equipped with all the bells and whistles of a workstation. You'll find one compartment and an apron front with rounded edges and corners, but even that's changing this year.

Those rounded corners are being swapped for harsher corners and straighter lines, bringing a modern take on a classic design element.

The other big change? The finishes on these sinks.

We've talked about  so many  custom options already, but they go even further with your fixtures. Whether you want clay, porcelain, stainless steel, or any other color, you'll probably be able to find it. Gold, copper, and even bronze fixtures are also great options, and they're perfect for complementing whatever sink and countertop you go with.

You can even take that seamless look we were talking about earlier and bring it down into your sink. While the bottom is likely to be metal or some other material, you can bring your countertops down along the side of your sink to create a uniform look throughout the entirety of your cooking space.

Remember These Kitchen Trends for 2022

Now that we've gone over a few of the best kitchen trends for 2022, are you ready to get started with your remodel? Whether you're giving your space a complete overhaul or you're just swapping a few things out, keeping your taste in mind is important.

That's where we come in. At Surprise Granite, we're here to make your kitchen dreams a reality, and our endless options help you do exactly that. Schedule a free estimate today to get started.

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