Choosing that stylish bathroom countertop: A 2022 guide

Surprise Granite
February 4, 2022
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Modern bathroom with marble wall
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Did you know that bathrooms are the second most popular room in the home to remodel? We can see why this is —there's nothing worse than a grungy, outdated, or poorly functioning bathroom.

Although renovating a bathroom is an exciting process, it can also be a stressful one. Bathroom remodels are require a lot of design choices, many of which aren't easy to reverse. One of the most important design choices you will need to make is picking out your bathroom countertop.

The countertop you choose will impact the overall look and feel of your new bathroom, tie in the other elements, and influence the price. There are a lot of options available, so it's important that you take your time and truly narrow down what you what.

Bold, Dramatic Veining Is In

One of the countertop trends that stood out (excuse the pun) over the last couple of years—both in bathrooms and kitchens—was bold, dramatic veining. Bold veined stone is a great way to make your counters pop and create a focal point.

This works especially well if you are going for a paired back, simple design overall. Large-scale veining in counters creates visual interest, drama, and impact. 

If you want to get the bold veined look in natural stone, then you will probably need to look to marble, with its long, flowing veins. However, there are some types of granite that have very impressive and bold veining patterns as well, such as Eclipse slabs.

If you are looking for a less expensive bathroom countertop option than marble, you can also find engineered quartz countertops sporting graphic, bold veining.

Marble Remains a Favorite

Marble countertops have been one of the big trends in bathroom designs over the last few years and are still highly popular in 2022.

Marble brings a feeling of understated opulence and luxury, and there are a plethora of unique veining patterns and colors you can choose from. Green marble is becoming a trend among designers, so if you want to make a bold design choice, this could be a good option.

Be aware, however, that marble is not always the most practical material to choose for a bathroom renovation.

Marble is susceptible to staining. Things like hair dye can leave stains that are impossible to get out. Even standing water can stain a marble bathroom countertop.

Marble will also develop a patina over time. If you use it as a bathroom countertop, you will need to be prepared for some imperfections to develop.

If you like the look of natural stone and patina, this isn't a huge problem. However, if you want your countertop to remain pristine for years, then you might want to opt for something like granite or quartz instead.

Marble also comes with some upkeep considerations. If you incorporate a marble countertop in your bathroom renovation, be prepared for regular resealing. You also shouldn't use any harsh cleaning products on marble.

Granite Gains Ground

After dominating countertops for many years, granite took a downturn in popularity. However, it is on the rise again and is definitely well worth including in your bathroom reno ideas.

Firstly, granite is less expensive than marble, while still being a natural stone. It's also more durable and highly resistant to stains and watermarks. This is because granite is a lot less porous than marble.

This makes granite a very practical choice for bathroom designs.

Granite also comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. If you want to browse some granite bathroom countertop designs, check out our range of granite slabs.

Quartz Can Be a Practical Pick

Do you love the look of marble but don't quite have the budget to incorporate it into your bathroom renovation? There are more affordable options to consider. You might want to look at quartz bathroom countertop options.

Quartz can give you the look of natural stone, but at a slightly cheaper price. While quartz can yield the same beautiful patterns, colors, and veining as natural stone, its design is also a little more consistent.

Each slab in a certain range is exactly the same. If you order a slab online, you can rest assured it will be exactly the same as photographed.

Quartz is also very durable and resistant to staining and watermarks. Unlike natural stone, engineered quartz doesn't need to be sealed.

Also, quartz comes in a very wide range of patterns and designs. Not only can you get faux marble options, but you can also opt for terrazzo-style designs.

Gray Is Going Out

Although gray was a huge color trend for many years, it is starting to decline in popularity. Designers are now leaning more towards warm neutrals that bring an earthy, calming feel, like beige, sandstone, and off-white.

If you're not sure yet what color to choose for your bathroom countertop, picking from this color palette is an easy way to get that updated look. Of course, you can opt for any color you like, but be aware that gray is not the fail-safe choice that it was for so many years.

Taking It to the Bathroom Backsplash

Feeling stuck for bathroom countertop ideas? If so, you might want to let your design eye wander up to your bathroom backsplash.

Think about what material you'd like to have as your bathroom backsplash, and then consider whether you could use this for your bathroom countertop as well.

There has been a big movement in kitchen and bathroom designs to extend the countertop material up to the backsplash. This creates a seamless, thoughtful look and is a great way to really make an impact with your bathroom countertop material.

Do You Need Help With Your Bathroom Countertop?

Making decisions for a bathroom renovation can be both exciting and scary. One of the best ways to formulate your bathroom design ideas and pick the right countertop material is to get samples you can compare.

Here at Surprise Granite, we know how difficult it can feel to pick out a bathroom countertop. This is why we offer free in-home estimates, where a dedicated countertop specialist will come out to your home and provide you with samples.

We also pride ourselves on speedy installations. Once you have made your selection, we can custom install your bathroom countertop for you as soon as the next day.

All you have to do is schedule a free estimate

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