7 Tips on Matching Your Backsplash With Your Countertop Surfaces

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October 7, 2022
5 min read
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Kitchen Countertop and Backsplash Ideas
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Did you know your kitchen remodel has the potential to give you one of the biggest ROIs?

Even if you're not after a great return, the kitchen is an important part of your home. It's the focal point of a lot of gatherings and it's where you spend a lot of time — either cooking or placing your takeout. That's why choosing the right materials is crucial, especially when it comes to your countertop surfaces and backsplash.

Luckily, we're here with a few of the best tips. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

1. Countertop Surfaces First, Backsplash Second

Unless there's a backsplash you've had your heart set on, it's a great idea to start with choosing your countertops first. Whether you go with a natural stone or an engineered quartz, the right material can serve as a focal point for your kitchen. It's the perfect place to start your design.

When it comes to installation, any contractor is going to recommend having the countertops installed first. From there, you can test out different backsplashes.

Take a look at how the light hits your countertops during the day, and try placing different backsplash samples to see how the two features look together.

2. Coordinate Colors

A great choice for your backsplash and countertops is complimentary colors. If you have any trouble making this choice, having a color wheel on hand can come in handy. Once you have a color chosen for your countertop, drawing a straight line across the wheel will give you your color choice.

3. Keep It Cohesive

If you're installing granite countertops, you can consider using the same material for your backsplash as well. This can help keep the process simple, and you'll have a uniform look throughout your kitchen. You might even find that you're saving money in the end.

For some homeowners, though, this isn't an ideal design choice. It can feel monotonous to them, but there are a lot of other choices out there for you to choose from.

4. Pull Individual Details from Your Countertop

Matching up individual details from your countertop and backsplash is a great way to create a one-of-a-kind look in your kitchen.

Start with taking a closer look at your counters to search for specific patterns, colors, and spots that you could highlight. Taking photos can be a big help when you get to the showroom. From there, you can search for a backsplash with some of those details.

If you can manage to find it, you might be surprised by the final result.

5. Create Contrast

While the all-white kitchen is a popular design choice, it can feel like it's missing something when it's not broken up somewhere. Even with a monotone design, it's important to create some visual interest by breaking up your colors.

There are a few options to choose from if you take this route. No matter what you choose, it's important to make sure the design can balance out the lighter and darker shades of the other elements in the space.

So, if you have light countertops and cabinets, then you might want a darker backsplash. If you have darker countertops and cabinets, then you might want a lighter backsplash. That contrast is a great way to make a statement in your kitchen while still keeping everything cohesive.

6. Go with Glass

Glass tiles are a solid choice for any countertop material. They provide a glossy, clean, modern look capable of complementing any material. If you're going for a contemporary kitchen design, glass can be a lustrous, sleek, and clean backdrop that helps highlight your beautiful countertop choice.

They're subtle enough to allow the counters to shine but nice enough to tie any look together. You can also choose different colors, so if your countertop is white, having a light gray backsplash is a great way to provide a subtle contrast.

7. Go with a Classic

Subway tiles are always in style. Like glass, they're especially great if you have a busy countertop made of granite or even marble. The simplicity of subway tiles can make a statement while staying subtle enough to not outshine your countertop.

It's one of the most popular design choices in both kitchens and bathrooms, and for good reason. You can go with a colored tile to complement your countertop, or you can have white tile laid in a herringbone pattern to make a subtle statement.

The versatility that subway tile has to offer is irreplaceable, and it's a great option for many homeowners.

8. Play with Patterns

Speaking of patterns, you can go further than a herringbone design. There are plenty of options that can create a powerful effect without overwhelming the space.

Many tiles come in varying shapes and sizes, making them a great choice for mixing and matching around your kitchen. You can even opt for triangle-shaped tiles, a mosaic mix, swirling patterns, or a basket-weave pattern. It's easy to play around with different ideas to create the perfect look in your kitchen.

Get Creative with Your Backsplash Ideas

Ultimately, both your countertop surfaces and backsplash are highly important visual areas in your kitchen. They have the power to change the overall mood in your space's design, and it's important to be intentional, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun. Get creative with your ideas to create something unique to you and your home.

Luckily, we can help you along every step of the design process. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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