Countertop Fabrication

As granite fabricators, we understand the need for quality work. We offer superior fabrication for granite countertops, quartz and marble countertops. Because we are working with stone, making sure your countertops are cut precisely to your exact specifications is paramount to what we offer. Before getting started, we measure and template your kitchen or bathroom countertops twice before we come out to do the install. Everything is fabricated to fit exactly and we take great pride in making sure your all of your new countertops turn out looking AMAZING! We know that when it comes to home services customers expect a full service remodeling experience and that's exactly what we set out to offer. 



Installing new Sinks

Whether your replacing all of your countertops or just your kitchen island, adding a new sink to your countertop replacement will give your countertops the added appeal for a brand new look, worthy of your investment. We have undermount sinks, drop in’s, 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, Granite sinks, vanity sinks and more.. Call or book a free estimate online for pricing and details.



Backing or underlayment

On 2 and 3 CM stone countertops, a plywood backing underlayment may be needed for added support, to ensure total durability. Because not every job is ever the same, a qualified installation technician will examine your current cabinet and countertop layout, overhang, and support structures prior to being fit for new stone countertops.



Kitchen islands and overhang

Replacing or even modifying your existing kitchen island is a popular trend these days but knowing how much and how far can leave you a little stuck? A good rule to go by when it comes to replacing your existing kitchen island countertop and adding a small overhang is. 2cm Granite 8” to 10” without added support. For 2cm Quartz 10” to 12” without added support. Many clients choose to add table legs or L brackets to help with added support but, each job is different and you should consult a qualified cabinet installer or a licensed contractor, before adding a overhang to your cabinets.


From kitchen islands to showers and full stone backsplashes, we will deliver the right stone for your bathroom or kitchen project. Our attention to detail and our process is what has set us apart from our competition. When it comes to getting your countertop replacement started, you can rest peacefully knowing that you are in good hands.



Edge detail

From a standard flat edge to, 1/4’’ bevel or waterfall. Surprise Granite offers a full line of complete edge detail for both Granite and Quartz countertops. Our pricing is competitive and your countertops will be the talk of all of your kitchen gatherings.



On every new countertop replacement, we offer to drill a hole for your new or existing faucet, air switch, or water softener. We fabricate onsite for special designs and cooktops, so that you have the custom countertops that will stay looking beautiful for years to come. We go the extra mile to ensure you’re complete satisfaction with our work.


Polish & Sealers

When it comes to keeping your new countertops new, using a good polish on quartz countertops and sealing your granite countertops monthly, is a good way to protect your investment. All of our countertops come polished and sealed for you. We offer monthly cleaning and maintenance for issues not covered by our warranty and help keep your new countertops looking new and protected for a lifetime.

For only $144.00 a year, we come out and repair, polish and restore your damaged Quartz or Granite countertops. Our Surprise Plan covers 6 cleanings, 3 polishes, and up to 4 applications of sealer per year, for granite, scheduled by you to fit your busy lifestyle.

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