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Baseboard installation and repair

In conjunction with flooring installation, we can handle your baseboard needs from removing and repairing to reinstalling and re-positioning your baseboards.

There are many different profiles and materials to choose from when it comes to baseboards. The style of your baseboard can have a big impact on the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom floors.

Baseboard styles

The three most common types of baseboard styles are flat, profiled and jointed. Flat baseboards are an excellent option if you are going for a minimal look. A profiled baseboard offers curved and rounded edges and can be tailored to many cuts, thicknesses and heights. Finally, jointed baseboards are a combination of flat and profiled baseboards. Jointed baseboards are usually a higher baseboard and is a great choice for a high-end, sophisticated look.

Baseboard Installation

Our Surprise Granite flooring specialist are vetted, trustworthy and professional. We can replace your old baseboards and install your new baseboards in a timely fashion all while providing high quality customer service. Contact us for a free consultation and a free estimate for your baseboard installation.

Baseboard Repair

If your baseboards suffered damage from doors, furniture, kicks or any other type, we can help repair it. We can cut, attach and replace baseboards as well as seal joints to protect against insects and water leakage into the subfloor.

If you are looking to install or repair baseboards on your kitchen or bathroom floors, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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