Countertop Service

Slab Fabrication and Installation Services

We can cut your granite, marble, or quartz slabs to your specifications and get them installed in your kitchen or bathroom.

We can install your countertop slabs

Do you already have a countertop slab that needs installation? We can cut your slab to your kitchen or bathroom specifications and install it with one of our countertop installation experts.

Don't try to install countertops on your own

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are heavy and require experts to cut them to fit appliances like sinks and install them on top of your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Don't risk damaging your precious countertop and hire surprise granite to install your countertop for you. Get reassurance that your slab is installed properly and safely. We also offer to connect your sink and garbage disposal mechanism.

Slab Fabrication

Countertops are expensive. If you already own a slab then hire Surprise Granite countertop experts to handle your slab safely and make the appropriate cuts to fit your kitchen or bathroom. Don't worry about making sure you cut your countertop properly for your sink or other appliances. Hire us for peace of mind and fast and easy installation.

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