Surprise Granite handyman repairing and restoring kitchen cabinets
Cabinet Service

Kitchen Cabinet Repair & Restoration

Surprise Granite professionals can repair and restore all aspects of your kitchen cabinets including cabinet frames, hardware, doors, and handles.

Surprise Granite handyman repairing and restoring kitchen cabinets

When should you repair your cabinets?

You may be able to tell that your cabinets need some improvement if you find yourself having to remove items from the back or slam them shut before opening, as well as when drawers won't budge without getting stuck. It's important to keep your cabinets in good shape so you can find what is needed quickly.

What work is included in cabinet repair?

Whether you have a few nicks and scratches on your cabinets or they're looking tired, our expert repair technicians can help! We offer cleaning services to remove any stains from old food remains as well as finishing techniques like painting them so that the beauty is restored. Surprise Granite also offers

  • Adjust and lubricate hinges
  • Replace worn-out drawer slides
  • Repair Broken drawers
  • Replace bad latches

Broken cabinet door and front repair

If you have a broken cabinet or drawer front, there are many benefits to repairing it. For one thing, fixing the damage will keep your home's value intact and also prevent unwanted strangers from accessing valuable items in drawers that can't be locked! A broken cabinet can become an eye-sore and ruin the aesthetic of your kitchen layout. By repairing your kitchen cabinets you can enjoy and use your kitchen to its fullest potential.

Cabinet hardware repair & replacement

The kitchen is often the most important room in your home. Why not make it look good too? If you've ever had trouble opening that cabinet or realizing what's inside because of worn-out handles, then these repairs may be for both aesthetic and functional purposes! Cabinet hardware can get old over time - but with new looks from all different brands available now (including popular trends), there are many ways to spruce up an outdated space without breaking any budgets along the way!

Kitchen cabinet adjustment and alignment

Adjust your cabinets so they are aligned with one another, and then use a scissor jack to make sure all of the joints in between each leg is perfectly flat against its neighbors. A cabinet alignment tool will help you get this done quickly! Cabinets should never be placed against walls because this will cause the doorways to open up more space in between them. The cabinet's opening needs at least 12 inches of usable width so that it can swing closed without bumping into things on either side, which would make using these areas impossible otherwise! If possible try moving your fridge or washing machine back one foot from where they currently reside before deciding whether realignment is necessary.

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