Kitchen Cabinets before & After a cabinet refacing/resurfacing
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Drastically change the look of your kitchen without the hassle of a full kitchen remodel. Surprise Granite can replace your kitchen cabinet doors and handles with your choice of cabinet doors.

Kitchen Cabinets before & After a cabinet refacing/resurfacing

What is cabinet refacing?

When you decide to have your cabinets refaced, the framework of them (known as cabinet box) stays intact. Other elements such as doors and handles will be replaced while other things like countertops can also get installed or changed out for new ones.

The cabinet refacing process

Refacing your kitchen's cabinets will give it a new look that is both refreshing and functional. Once we have all of your materials and your doors have been removed we get started. The process takes two to four days, but you'll be able to enjoy cooking in style once again!

Are your cabinets reface-able?

Without a doubt, the quality and construction of your cabinets is one factor that will determine whether or not they can be refaced. Not all homes have this option available to them though; it's worth checking with an expert before making any final decisions about what needs done!

Cabinet refacing vs new cabinets

Refacing is a great option when you want to keep your kitchen intact and don't have the money for whole-kitchen remodeling. Expect average costs between $12,000 - $20,000 with contractor grade cabinets but best results come from solid boxes that can be used again which would cost less than half of what it would take if replaced all at once!

What work is included in cabinet resurfacing?

When a kitchen is refaced, the doors and drawers are removed. Thereafter, an installer will laminate replacement cabinet boxes in new color/style before fitting them back together with brand-new hardware; this includes sanding down all existing components such as cabinets or shelves if necessary so that it can be perfectly smooth again for your home's décor needs!

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